django-authtools provides a couple of Admin classes. The default one is NamedUserAdmin, which provides an admin similar to django.contrib.auth. If you are not using the AbstractNamedUser, you might want the UserAdmin instead.

If you are using your own user model, authtools won’t register an Admin class to avoid problems. If you define REQUIRED_FIELDS on your custom model, authtools will add those to the first fieldset.

class authtools.admin.NamedUserAdmin

This is the default Admin that is used if you use authtools.models.User as you AUTH_USER_MODEL. Provides an admin for the default authtools.models.User model. It includes the default Permissions and Important Date sections.

class authtools.admin.UserAdmin

Provides a generic admin class for any User model. It behaves as similarly to the built-in UserAdmin class as possible.

class authtools.admin.StrippedUserAdmin

Provides a simpler view on the UserAdmin, it doesn’t include the Permission filters or the Important Dates section.

class authtools.admin.StrippedNamedUserAdmin

Same as StrippedUserAdmin, but for a User model that has a name field.